Morning Satsang will begin on Zoom sharply at 12:15pm Eastern Daylight Time (USA/Canada) this Sunday, June 21. I will make a few time zone calculations at the end of this post, but it is very easy to do this yourself by using online services such as For those of you new to Zoom, simply click the link below and it will take you into the Buddha Hall. No password is needed. Special guests this time include the lovely flautist, Nandin from Canada, Milind (India) on bansuri, and Sudhananda (USA) on guitar and vocals for the ending song. Everyone welcome to enjoy this unique gathering of the buddhas as we come together in the spirit of music, silence, and celebration.

Zoom information is:
Meeting ID: 811 4088 0366
No password needed.

Some basic time zone calculations are:

USA / Canada — 12:15pm Eastern Daylight Time
United Kingdom — 5:15pm
Europe — 6:15pm
India — 9:45pm
Nepal — 10:00pm
Japan — 1:15am

Here are a few suggestions that will help make the meditation more transforming and effective for everyone:

1. Our virtual Buddha Hall on Zoom will open at 11:50am. Everyone is welcome to join the meeting at anytime from this point. There will be some soft music as everyone enters. I will suggest that when you log in, make yourself comfortable and already start going inside yourself and coming to that space of inner stillness. Treat this as you would entering a temple, a Buddha Hall — with reverence and respect.

2. At 12:10pm, I will unmute my microphone and introduce the meditation. For those of you doing this for the first time, I will outline the basic stages at the end of this post so you can already familiarize yourself with the stages.

3. At 12:15pm sharp, the bell will ring and the meditation begins. The meditation is exactly one hour long and will end with three bells.

4. At the end, everyone is welcome to stay for the song with Nandin, Sudhananda, and me. If you wish, sing along, dance, sway softly, or if you prefer, simply remain with yourself in silence and enjoy the space.

5. After the song, I will come back on-screen for the the goodbye namaste. This will happen in silence.

6. I will keep the meeting open through 1:45pm for those of you who like to relax and remain with the space.

7. Please note that everyone’s microphone will be muted for the whole time except for mine when I give the introduction. Again, I strongly suggest that, from the time you in until the end, remain as silent and still as possible. The whole point of the meditation is to create a strong energy field of silence. When many of us are melting and merging like this, silence has the potential for immense transformation and healing. This is the most precious gift one can give oneself. The music, Osho’s quotes, the humming, and gaps are all to help support this experience.

8. Remember, the meditation is done with eyes closed. I know it is tempting to watch the galleries and text with friends, but this can be a distraction. To dive inside oneself as deeply as possible is the whole idea. So having one’s eyes closed is absolutely essential. Of course, after the three bells in the end, everyone is welcome to open the eyes and enjoy the song.

9. I will leave the galleries on, but there are some who may wish to close theirs for the meditation. Again, you are welcome to turn them back on for the ending song and goodbye namaste.

The instructions for the meditation are as follows:

Morning Satsang Meditation is one hour long.
It is done with eyes closed.
The sequence of the meditation is:

* Bell to start

* Silence

* Music

* Silence

* Osho Quote in Hindi

* Silence

* Bell and Humming — for this section, everyone is invited to participate and hum together. It is very simple technique. With mouth closed and teeth together, simply hum. You will want to be aware of the subtle vibrations this gives to your face and head.

* Silence

* Osho Quote in English

* Music

* Silence

* Three bells at end

* Celebration song