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WHO IS IN? 24 August

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Awareness Intensive Meditation Group
24 Aug. (8PM) - 27 Aug (4PM)
Washington DC Area

"WHO IS IN" is a structured retreat based on traditional Zen techniques to focus your total energy into the search for who you really are. the structure of this awareness intensive is based on Traditional zen meditation Combined modern communication techniques. it is designed to penetrate beyond your habitual masks and pretensions and to focus your total energy into the search for who you really are.

In This Residential Meditation Retreat We Seek A Direct Experience Of Who We Truly Are And In This Adventure We Pass Through And Beyond Ideas, Ideals, Conditionings, Problems, Games And Identities. We Will Use The Koan "Who Is In?" As A Tool To Return To The Source Inside. The Work Involves An Intense Retreat With Silence, Diet, Active And Passive Meditations And Individual Koan Talks.once this is experienced and understood, you shift towards your being to the center of witnessing. This brings a profound relaxation and the joy of being truly in the present moment.

For more information please visit http://dhyanyogamc.org/meditation-retreat/68

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