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Reviews from Carnival Retreat are in!

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"This was my first meditation camp and the energy experience is beyond words. The group involvement and intensity brought the whole environment at pure and peak level of meditation. Swami Anand Arun's magical and mysterious presence helped me to go in deep silence and celebration. The group activities were so well planned that everything was available on right time and place to support meditation and celebration. I am very much inspired to attend more Meditation camps and visit Tapoban, OshoDham, Nisarga and related Osho places." Pranam

Ma Deva Amreeta (Tampa, Florida)


This camp was among one of my life changing experiences. This was the first time i was over a water source while in meditative state. The feeling was amazing and very unique. I felt tremendous amount of energy around me and within me. in these 4 days every time i entered Buddha hall [Conference room] I was surrounded by a force of energy.

Ma Amrit Ishna, Huntsville, Alabama


Imagine seeing your friends somewhere on the ship that provided a confined space for 4 days any time of the day…….being surrounded by them.  I did not have to necessarily connect with all but just being again in the space of people from my own flock what a luxurious treat, so nourishing.  The energy I and I’m sure everyone felt when Sannyas is given or in participating in  the prayer meditation………well, Osho is right there unmistakably, it’s just pure bliss. Thank You beloved Osho for having the foresight to train people  like Arun, Thank you to Arun for keeping the fire going and to all who participated and made it possible!  Let’s do it again…….

Soma, Atlanta, Georgia


The khumari is still continuing with me now, as strong as it was during the retreat as well. It was an incredible experience for me.

Yatri, LA, California

Review by Ma Prem Geet is now published on Osho World and is available here.

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