OSHOFest Atlanta:

Festival of LIVE Music & Meditation with Milarepa & One Sky Band & Special Guests

“Meditate, love, dance, sing, celebrate here with me, and the ugliness will disappear. Bring something higher into yourself, and the lower will be forgotten. Osho”

OSHOfest Atlanta is a spiritually charged event that has been taking place for past 5 years. This gathering of friends is for Lovers of OSHO, for Lovers of Meditation, for Lovers of Live Music, for Lovers of Dance, Life, Love, Laughter, & Silence to come together and spend 3 days in ecstasy, celebration and relaxation. Various sessions in the events will help you enter into a deeper state of inner peace, balance and harmony.

  • Meditations from the World of Osho – Dynamic, Kundalini, Nataraj and other OSHO Active meditations
  • Morning and evening Satsangs with Live Music
  • Wild Dances and Silent Songs with Live Music
  • Osho Varanium High energy Osho meditation journey with Ma Krishna Shobhana
  • The Blessed Ones – Celebrating The Depths of Love with Swami Gyankirti
  • Shamans Shake – An intense Live Drums based meditation sequence with Rishi
  • High Energy Dancing Meditation on LIVE Music where Dancer is lost and only the Dance remain
  • Morning Yoga with Govind and Bhairavi
  • Sannyas Initiation
  • Wonderful vegetarian food provided
  • Relax and be yourself in the soft, loving company of fellow travelers
  • Be supported by beautiful natural surroundings of Sweetwater Creek State Park an oasis in the City.
  • Give the gift of these transforming days to yourself.

OSHOfest FOODfest
All food during the OSHOfest is Catered or prepared at the site by volunteers. Food is Vegetarian – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, snack is arranged. (Food may contain milk, nuts). Food is included in the donation amount.

Recommended Donation
All Osho Atlanta events are non profit – “at cost events” jointly organized by Osho Atlanta friends. This is a gathering of friends. The participation cost is based on projected expenses. The cost includes complete participation and all food.
There are two tiers of donation – Supportive and Standard. Supportive members contribute extra towards the cost of the event. All pricing includes participation and food.

1. Single – $249 for all three days
2. Couple / Family (with kids) – $450 for all three days.

Please consider adding $50-$100 to be a supportive member.

Partial Day participation –
– Friday Full Day – $100,
– Saturday Full Day – $150
– Sunday full day – $100
– 6 Hour pass any day – $75

Available Discounts (pick one)
– 10% discount for Students or Senior Citizens

How to pay –
a. PAYPAL – https://www.paypal.me/oshoatlanta

b. Online – https://www.hungamacity.com/oshofest2018

c. Check – Send the check in favor of ‘Rohit Mathur’ and mail to 3398 Palm Circle NW, Kennesaw, GA 30144. Call 67 8 574 8150 for any questions.

1. Recommended Hotels very near to the park –
a. Comfort Inn and Suites – Address: 5487 Westmoreland Plaza, Douglasville, GA 30134, Phone: (678) 504-2000
b. Hampton Inn and Suites – Address: 999 Bob Arnold Blvd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122, Phone: (770) 745-9990

2. **FULL** – YURT by the Lake in the Park – Sweetwater Creek State park has the most scenic shared accommodation in Yurt. The Yurts are furnished, heated and provides space for 6 people. The furnishing includes a bed but bring your own pillow and comforter.

3. Estate Houses near the park –  Almost FULL, very limited space available.  Please call to check (678 574 8150)

More about the One Sky Band-
The 2018 One Sky Band is an international group of musicians renowned for their sensitive and high-energy performances. Their unique and original compositions draw from a wide variety of sources: rock, soul, world, reggae, and pop. Each band member is familiar with the mystic art of creating silence from sound; spiritual ecstasy through dance and song. Their performances create a supportive, healing atmosphere where the inner world unfolds revealing its mysteries. Bring your dancing shoes and come prepared for these special days of music, meditation, and celebration that will surely touch the Heart and give wings to the Spirit.

Rishi (Germany) — founding member of the acclaimed East-West fusion band, Hamsafar, with Prem Joshua. In recent years, his work has focused on shamanic groups and drumming circles. He tours with Milarepa since many years as a drummer and percussionist, also featuring on many of Milarepa’s recordings.

Prabodh (England) – Bass – Prabodh has always worked in Osho’s communes. He did a variety of jobs — from photography darkroom to publications, from handyman to musician.He wears many hats! He played many times in Osho’s presence for the discourses in Pune ll and has joined Milarepa and One Sky Band on numerous occasions for the tours and festivals.

Milarepa (USA) — a singer/songwriter from the USA, Milarepa sings, plays guitar, and tours annually facilitating events and concerts around the world. He shares from the heart a unique vision of meditation, music, and celebration inspired by the enlightened master, Osho. About his music, Milarepa says: “Music reflects my personal understanding of meditation and love. The themes to my songs are universal and can be appreciated by ALL travelers on the path of truth and self-realization. My feeling is: we are on this beautiful planet to celebrate the great mystery of life – with our songs, our dances, our silences of the heart. As humanity moves forward, into the twenty-first century, this could never be more relevant.”

Here is what Osho says about Milarepa –
“Milarepa, you are my instrument. Your guitar is my guitar. Your fingers playing on the instruments are my fingers.” – Osho

Musician Meditators from Atlanta will also be joining – Lee (Sax, woodwinds), Anand Prem (Piano), Rene (Guitar)

About Ma Krishna Shobhana
Ma Shobhana was born in 1938 and an Osho Meditator since 1960s. She lives in Baroda, India and visiting USA. Ma Shobhana has been close to Osho, she has received personal guidance from Osho, received several letters from Osho which have been compiled in a nice book. She is fluent in English and offers high energy group meditation sessions.

About Swami Gyankirti
Swami Gyankirti has combined the heart of many ancient, traditional, non-traditional and modern religions and teachings to produce a unique universal blend of teachings. Under Swami Gyankirti’s guidance, Healing, Empowering Energy Work, Meditation and Traditional African Spiritual Healing Methods, provide the essential foundation for Spiritual Empowerment and communion with the Divine.Read more about Swami Gyankirti here – http://medissage.org/?page_id=501

Sweetwater Creek State Park – Group Shelter
1750 Mount Vernon Road, Lithia Springs, GA 30122
The park is close to Atlanta airport and 15 miles from Downtown Atlanta. Once in the park follow directions for Group Shelter. Ample parking available but there is a $5 parking fee per car per day.
Learn more about the park and photos of this jewel – https://gastateparks.smugmug.com/Sweetwater-Creek-State-Park/ and https://gastateparks.org/SweetwaterCreek

Dress recommendation and accessories
Some of the recommended general items are – Lose clothing, Meditation robes (if available, maroon + white) or athletic clothing, meditation cushion, Socks, flip flops, shawl, reusable water bottle. You may chose to bring a shawl, Yoga mat. The river near by has swimming/soaking holes so if weather permits it is a great opportunity to take a dip. You may need change of clothes, towel, toiletries, sun block. A bottle for water ( we will have disposable glass).

RSVP – Please RSVP at the earliest. All arrangements including Food and supplies are made based on your RSVP. If your plan changes then please update your RSVP at the earliest.

Participant feed back from prior events –

Photos from OSHOfest 2017 –

What a blast! So good to play and meditate with old friends and new friends. And the music was gate gate paragate parasamgate! Love to you all.Niketana, Nashville, TN

With awareness as my goal…an empty mind as my heart…I ride the wave of bliss…into the ocean of being…only to be no more…thank you for a very special moment in time…it was timeless. Steve Buchanan (Antar Mehboob, Dawsonville, GA)

What a joyful, loveful and blissful weekend, just loved it! Thanks to all of you who made it possible! Ratna, Suwanee, GA

So much gratitude for this weekend of mindblowing music, energy, totality!! We’re there because of Osho, and Osho is there because of us, and this crazy, loving, fun mystery happens … Diving deep, soaring high! Beloved incredible musicians, thank you! Beloved dedicated organizers, thank you! Beloved friends from before, and new friends, thank you! Heart full of love … Madir, Nashville, TN

What a fabulous experience!The people, the band, the location. I highly recommend active mediation to any who have not experienced it. Larry (Rajiv), Cumming, GA

Simply phenomenal……..Milarepa, Teerth, Chandira and Lee wonderful music.To me Natraj Meditation was the crescendo of the event….what music and what drums..aaahhhhh….what drums..simply superb..and sincere gratitude to all who attended this event and made it such a joy. Saurin

An Amazing retreat with awesome music and blissful silence. Many thanks and gratitude to Swami Milarepa, Teerth, Chandira , Lee for bringing Osho’s fragrance and to all the fellow travelers for sharing your heart and space.
Beautiful location and people.This must be just like living in Paradise….I’m burning up…. to Just Say YES. Sankalp (Dev Darshan), Suwanee, GA

A Blissful Harmonious Festive Zen! Spontaneous Delightful gathering!!! Meghana, Atlanta, GA
My heart is overflowing with gratitude and love for all of you. What a blissful weekend!Sarita, Atlanta, GA

Waiver Important note –
1. Osho Meditation events may involve Dancing, Active breathing, physical activity. All participants are advised to engage as much as their individual health provide. You should not exceed your own physical limitation.
2. The meetups are informal gathering of friends. The gathering is not affiliated to any other organization in USA or abroad.
3. The informal group is a non profit gathering of friends, volunteering towards a common cause of making Osho meditations available in Atlanta area. The groups are not selling any product or service, the group is simply to experience the magic of Osho Meditations.
4. Events are organized at individual homes or rented pubic space and host takes very good care but in any circumstances host is not liable for any loss or injury. Participants bear all responsibility.
5. Occasionally few photos are taken and may be shared on meetup. If you do not like this then please let the organizers know ahead of time. By default the consent is presumed.
6. Food is usually arranged by host. The food is Vegetarian but may contain milk.
7. Participants should follow general directions like parking, cell phone use etc. All are welcome to all the events but organizers are free to refuse admission to any person they think is not appropriate for the gathering.