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Gallery - Osho PremLok Tampa Events 2013

Osho Meditation/Satsang in USA
with Swami Anand Ghan

When you are blissful, really blissed out, ego disappears. You are, but there is no ego, no idea of I, no idea of separation. In bliss there is a merger with the whole; in misery you are alone and separate. Misery makes you an island and bliss takes all your boundaries away from you. In bliss, the river disappears in the ocean. And we are very afraid to disappear as an ego. We want to keep our identity intact. - Osho

Swami Anand Ghan, a very old sannysin was in US in the month of Nov-Dec for the first time to conduct the meditation sessions. His Sannyas “happened” during the very 2nd meditation camp in 1971. There is very interesting story about him. He was against Osho and was planning to kill him. But when he went to one of his gathering and listened to him, his whole anger transformed into immense love for Osho. And to share that overflowing love, he is conducting meditation sessions all over the India.

First day long meditation was conducted on Nov 9th at Osho Sadhna Meditation center, NY where many Osho lovers attended that session. He led them in different meditation techniques starting from Dynamic, Kundalini and Omkara and ended the session with celebration. Osho lovers really enjoyed his presence and had a blissful day.

Swami Anand Ghan visit to Tampa, Florida was a huge uplift of Osho activities in this area. During his three weeks stay, he had taken several meditation sessions in seekers home, temple and also addressed group of doctors.                      

A new center called Osho PremLok Meditation Center is also opened with the grace of Osho & in the guidance of Sw Ghan. Osho PremLok Center had a booth in India Festival (one of the biggest Indian festival in USA) and more than 150 people visited the booth and out of those 50 signed up to attend weekly meditation. Some of them were old Osho sannyasins, some of them were vivid Osho lovers and some of them just wanted to explore new meditation.

During this tour, Sw Ghan took two half day meditation sessions and led the seekers in different meditation techniques like Dynamic, Kundalini & Nadabrahma. Also, he had taken the question answers session to help people on their spiritual journey.

Another successful event was at Ambaji Mandir, St Petersburg where around 100 people listened to him. He spoke on different topics including deities worship and explained how to reach to unmanifest from manifest. People were really happy to listen to this insight and temple management offered the space to conduct the meditation on a regular basis. This was a great step in popularizing Osho to the mass. Right now, Osho vision is available to very limited set of people and having such programs in different places of worship will really help to take Osho's vision to public.

Swami Ji also addressed the group of 20-25 doctors and explained the benefit of meditation. He also answered their questions on this great inner practice. There was lot of enthusiasm among doctors about imbibing meditation in their day to day activities.

He was also asked to address the seekers in Orlando area where Mr. Brahma Aggarwal, builder and founder of First “Hindu University of America” invited him. Around 20-25 people gathered from different walks of life including renowned doctors & engineers. Swami ji talked about Osho’s vision, led guided meditation and played short audio discourse. Sw Ghan answered questions of seekers in their spiritual journey and it really helped them to be on their path. It was a short and sweet visit to Orlando.

Swami Ghan is living in Ahmadabad, Gujarat. He is taking meditation camp all over the India. He also conducts weekly meditation at his home every week. His whole life is now devoted to spread osho's vision i.e. Love & Meditation. He has started one non-profit organization called Osho PremLok Foundation and this organization is providing Osho discourses to the public at the cost price.

He can be contacted on his email oshojan@yahoo.com

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