There are hundreds of methods of meditation, but perhaps Vipassana has a unique status; just the same way as there have been thousands of mystics, but Gautam Buddha has a uniqueness of his own. In many ways he is incomparable. In many ways he has done more for humanity than anybody else. In many ways his search for truth was more sincere, more authentic than anybody else’s.

The meaning – the literal meaning – of the word Vipassana is  “to look,” and the metaphorical meaning is  “to watch, to witness.”

Gautam Buddha has chosen a meditation that can be called the essential meditation. All other meditations are different forms of witnessing, but witnessing is present in every kind of meditation as an essential part; it cannot be avoided. Buddha has deleted everything else and kept only the essential part – to witness.
When you have become perfectly watchful of your body, mind and heart, then you cannot do anything more, then you have to wait. When perfection is complete on these three steps, the fourth step happens on its own accord as a reward. Suddenly your life force, your witnessing, enters into the very center of your being.
You have come home. Osho – The Rebel

Join us for a 4-day residential Vipassana Silence retreat with Lama Tenzin. In these 4 days, we will practice Vipassana meditation and Osho Meditations. It’s a unique opportunity in San Diego area and not to be missed.

Tentative Schedule:

7:00- 8:00 am – Dynamic Meditation
8:30 – 9:30 am – Breakfast
10:00 – 1:00 pm – Vipassana Session – I
1:00 – 2:00 pm – Lunch
3:00 – 4:30 pm – Vipassana Session – II
4:30 – 5:00 pm- Tea
5:00 – 6:00 pm – Kundalini Meditation
6:30 – 7:30 pm – Dinner
8:00 – 9:30 pm – Meditation Session – III / Discourse

We end the group on Sunday after lunch and sharing.
Out of town friends are advised to arrive by Wednesday night so that you can settle in and start bright and early on Thursday.

Important information:

This group is held in strict discipline/Schedule. Please make note of the following rules:

  • Group will be in complete silence. No cell phones, No internet, No book reading.
    • Let your family/friends know that you will be out of touch for these 4 days.
  • You must be physically fit to participate and follow the schedule.
  • Do not participate if you have a serious mental disorder or emotional upheaval.
  • You are requested to commit to the whole process, partial participation will disturb you and others
  • Consumption of alcohol, intoxicants, and smoking is not allowed.

About Lama Tenzin

Buddhist monk, Reiki Master, Tenzin Lama Sherpa teaches Usui Reiki and Buddhist meditation and philosophy. When he was only 13 years old, he finished his elementary education only to become a Tibetan Buddhist Monk.

Since he was very young, he studied in Tibetan Buddhist monastery Namdroling in the South India. Throughout his monastic life, he has received endless philosophical teachings, transmissions, and initiations from great lamas.

Tenzin has studied all the Buddhist Sutras including Theravada and Mahayana Buddhism. He has taught in Nepal, India, Chile, Mexico and the United State.

In the monastic life he also gave teachings and he took care of the monks that were sick. When, for the first time, he saw so many people sick in the hospital, he immediately wanted to become a doctor, but it was impossible to be a monk and a doctor at the same time. Once he was sick and his uncle suggested that he should take Reiki healing classes. He started taking classes with a Lama, and in three days he was fully recovered. His uncle requested him to practice Reiki healing. After self healing practice and because his teacher requested him, Tenzin Lama started giving Reiki healing sessions in the healing center.
Tenzin Lama used to offer his services and his knowledge in a Reiki healing center, in households, hospitals and other centers dedicated to social services. After finishing his second level of Reiki, he started his healing services at a distance in different parts of the country. After having finished the third level of Reiki, he started to guide new Reiki practitioners.

In 2005, Tenzin Lama’s teacher received an invitation from a Chilean doctor to come to the country and Tenzin Lama’s master appointed him to be the assistant to take part in Buddhist centers, in Reiki healing centers, universities, and clinics from different parts of the country. Tenzin Lama also learned and exchanged knowledge with Reiki Masters and psychologists from Chile. Over the last 17 years, Tenzin Lama has given Reiki to more than 11000 people and has taught Reiki to more than 800 students. According to Tenzin Lama, Reiki is a healing method that has no side effects. Any person can learn meditation and Reiki for either self-healing or for healing others. This healing practice promotes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual growth.

How to Register?

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